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Common diseases in dogs


Dogs suffer from some common diseases, so here we inform you what these diseases are, how they occur and how to prevent them so that you help your pet overcome them or suffer as little pain as possible if you suffer them.

Here’s a list of common diseases in dogs

Otitis Canina

It is a disease that affects the outer, middle or inner ear of your dog. The causes are very varied, can be caused by parasites or fungi; or because of endocrinologist disorders. It is a common disease between dogs and cats, although you will find more dogs with otitis than cats; so if you have any animals with this condition at home it is best to separate from the rest of the pets until there is no longer a risk of transmission.

Its cure depends on a good diagnosis, so it is recommended that you go to a veterinarian and follow their advice. If your dog suffers from otitis and you want to delve into the symptoms and their possible treatments before going to the vet,

Moquillo Canino

It is a very dangerous virus for dogs, which can cause very serious damage to their nervous system. It is easily transmissible between animals, people can transport it in their clothes and the wind can be the channel for you to get home.

A good veterinarian can treat the disease early, so be aware of the symptoms of the canine moquillo.

Common diseases in dogs
Common diseases in dogs

Depression in Dogs

Believe it or not, depression is very common in dogs. You must remember that dogs, by their nature, like to live in a pack and need a balance in the environment in which they live. Therefore, if you have a dog at home you must make it part of the family and give it an important place; Also, you should take this into account when there are changes or unforeseen events that may depress you such as a move, the birth of someone, or the death of a loved one to you.

Gastric Torsion in Dogs

It is a very common disease when the dog does not carry proper nutrition. You may notice swelling in your stomach and constant twists that your pet can do due to the great pain he or she feels.

The good news is that it’s easily avoidable if you follow certain recommendations that the veterinarian can make to you regarding their nutrition

And finally, remember that to cure common diseases in dogs or even prevent them you must be constantly in communication with a good veterinarian near your locality and have his phone at hand to consult him any emergency.

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