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Every time we have to bathe our dog?


Every time we have to bathe our dog? When we first acquired a dog, we have many doubts. We wonder about your food, hygiene and fun. And one of the most common questions is, when should we bathe our dog?

When Is the Best Time to Bath a Puppy For the First Time?

It is essential that our pets are as clean as possible. This is important if your dog spends most of his time inside the house.

Of course cleanliness is important in any of the scenarios, however.  When a puppy comes into our lives it should not be bathed before three months, that is, until it has all its vaccinations.

Don’t bathe your puppy

Before that time, your puppy is very sensitive and its skin is extremely delicate, a small cold could be fatal to the extent of ending its life.

When bathtime comes, it is important that the water temperature is adequate, also take care that the puppy does not drink the water or slays the soap and when finished, dry it immediately. Avoid any airflow.

Every time we have to bathe our dog?

There are many factors that must be taken into account to determine the length of time to spend between one bath and another. It depends a lot on the lifestyle that the dog has; the main ones are dirt or smell.

Dogs with long hair require more hygiene and care because the powder adheres more easily, to them it is recommended to bathe them at least once a month, to dogs with medium hair once every month and to those with short hair , once every two months.

Remember that the hygiene of your dog is very important, with this you can give it a better quality of life. It will keep you healthiest and happier and for a long time.

Every time we have to bathe our dog

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