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Dog Tips

How to better educate my dog?


How to better educate my dog?, Do you have a new pet? Did you adopt a puppy? It is key that you educate them on fundamental issues to improve their behavior and direct their behavior.

Doing your needs in inappropriate places, that anxiety leads you to break objects, or that you misbehave with strangers are preventable problems.

Hernán Sánchez Correa is president of the National Water Sports Subcommittee, qualified trainer, and member of the training team of the our Dogs exhibition that will be presented in April in La Rural. We spoke to him and he answered some concerns.

What is the best age to train a dog?

-It is said that from four months is the best age to train them, since they are in an ideal cognitive period; trainers say that since the dog joins the human family we must start with the first stimuli related to behavior and obedience.

Dogs receive a first imprint from their mother since they are born, when we see them play with puppies or “fight” they are actually learning to hunt, to impose hierarchy, etc.

The second “imprinting” is received when they arrive at our homes, where we show them their place of food, rest, places where they should not access and their schedules adapted to the routine of the family.

After completing the vaccination plan and veterinary discharge to take to the streets, it’s a good time to start the challenge of teaching them tricks and creating a link, first through the game and then with more precise orders depending on what each person is looking for.

In the case of specific breeds, for each activity they are put together a proper training plan that will be reinforced throughout their life.


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