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Is my dog jealous?. Discover the truth here


Is my dog jealous? It seems hard to believe, dogs and humans share sensations, feelings and emotions.

Dogs can have empathy with their owners, for that reason they may come to feel similar to us because of their thought structure.

Within these emotions are jealousy, which, has the function of preserving the relationship that it has with its human. They demonstrate this by showing specific behaviors that we will mention later.

Studies Confirm Dogs Feel Jealousy

Two scientists from the University of California, Usa conducted an experimental study in which the following conclusion was reached:

Dogs behave differently (zealful) when they see that their owner is paying more attention to someone else. Then the puppies look for a way to break that bond with the “intruder”.

The studio consisted of putting 36 owners to pet a stuffed dog. Speaking nice to him and treating him as if it were real. Then they had them read stories in front of their dogs.

Of course, when it came to a potential canine rival, the behavior of dogs began to change. Growled or approached their owners trying to get their attention. In the case of books they were indifferent.

How to Know If A Dog Is Jealous?

A dog can change its behavior if it feels it is losing the attention of its owner. For example, if you live with another dog or pet, the arrival of a baby in the family, you show affection with your partner or children. They express it in the following ways:

Behaves aggressively:

Growl, show teeth, push or try to bite who’s stealing your attention.

Excessive bark:

It’s a way to express your discomfort when you don’t pay attention to it or feel like you’re changing it for someone else.

It does the bathroom where it knows it should not:

It happens in order to mark his territory and let others know that he is present and in the way to attract the attention of the human.

Destroy things:

Jealousy causes anxiety in dogs and tries to free her by breaking things or desperately scratching her bed.

How to Avoid Jealousy In a Dog?

Make it clear that he is very important in your life, when you meet someone else don’t ignore it, give him prizes, talk to him nice or caress him from time to time while you take care of the other.

If a new member arrives, introduce him or her, who feels that it is also part of the time so that he or she does not feel displaced.

Socialise it with people and animals in the early age, so that you learn to live together and to share your space and your human feeling confident that you will never lose you.

Now you know that your furry friend may be jealous when he thinks your relationship with him is going to end, for that reason, it’s important that he understands that he will always be an important part of your family and that your love for him will never change.

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