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Pug Dog Care. Some tips


Pug Dog Care. Pug dogs, for the most part they are playful and affectionate, especially with children. They have good character and are very brave, they are not afraid to face bigger dogs, they enjoy exercising outside.

If you are thinking of having a pug or already have one, it is important that you know what are the Pug Dog Care, to have a healthy and strong dog for many years.

1. Clean your wrinkles.

At least once a week, you’ll need to clean your dog’s wrinkles, as a lot of dirt will accumulate, which could be the cause of future infections. You can use some baby wipes or swabs from which you’ll need to soak it a little with warm water and gently pass it through the wrinkles on your face, you can also spread just a little Vaseline for wetting. Similarly, there are special products for this activity.

2. Provide the right food.

It is important that you provide the right food to the pug so that you can control your weight and not have problems in the future due to obesity. This breed being small and compact body is prone to gain weight very quickly if you are not given due care to your diet. Be careful to give your meals appropriate for your age and size.

Pug Dog Care. Some tips
Pug Dog Care. Some tips

3. Make sure your bed is in a cool place.

Give your pug a cool place, make the place where you sleep a pleasant and ventilated area. In summer these puppies can pass a lot of heat, that is why their rest area is cool. On the other hand, always keep your puppy hydrated in summer, who has access to water constantly.

Keep an eye out for any warnings or symptoms of fatigue every time you do any physical activity.

4. Keep your ears clean.

Every one or two weeks you will have to clean your ears very carefully using a swab. If you familiarize it from a young age it will become an easier activity and you could end up getting used to it.

It is important that you perform homework, because their ears have drooping and are quite prone to a lot of dirt accumulating in their ears.

5. Preferably use an extendable strap.

Because it is a fairly active and curious breed for everything around it, the best way to make you enjoy a ride to the fullest is by using an extendable strap.

When it’s small and you can take it for a walk out on the street, sit back and control it tightly on the leash, so you can’t go anywhere without you allowing it. That way he will learn to socialize with people, other animals and understand that he should not walk away from you without your permission.

Some extra tips:

  • If you plan to choose between a dry or wet diet, we suggest you choose the first one. This will keep your pug teeth healthy and clean, free of tartar. This type of food has a much more balanced composition.
  • It is important that you avoid overfeeding in these dogs. You have to follow strict rules and you don’t have to give him any kind of food between meals. Pug are very prone to obesity.
  • Do not give it bones that are very small chicken or bones. These could splinter and cause serious damage to your throat and stomach. Even causing perforations, causing the dog’s death.

More tips for Pug Dog Care:

  • They must have clean, very fresh water so you can drink it quietly.
  • It is essential that you clean the wrinkles on your face very carefully. If you go very insecure, the dog will notice and that will make him very nervous. But don’t worry, with a little practice you will end up getting used to doing it and the dog will let you do it without problem.
  • • It is usually a very lively and active breed. However, if you notice that he has ceased to be cheerful, that is that something happens to him, so take him immediately to the vet.

If you are ready to have dogs pug always keep these tips in mind so that you can enjoy a beautiful dog and that he can feel cheerful and happy whenever he is by your side.

Pug Dog Care, the Pug are a fairly affectionate breed of dogs and are an excellent company, so they deserve to receive a lot of love and they treat it affection and patience. If you already have pug in your life, you sure know about it, they are wonderful dogs, so always try to attend to your needs and provide you with the necessary care.

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