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How to Teach Tricks to my Dog


How to Teach Tricks to my Dog?. If you are starting to research canine training, you may have a lot of doubts among them “how to teach tricks to my dog”, “the type of training I have chosen is the right one”, “how long will it take my dog to learn?”

Do not worry! Here we tell you all the tricks and obedience exercises you can teach your pet.

Believe it too, canine training has many benefits!

  • Your pet sees you as a leader
  • You will exercise both physically and mentally
  • Can be done in both adult dogs and puppies

Do you share your life with an adult dog? Do not worry! Even if you’re an adult, you can keep learning! You’ll just need a little patience and perseverance.

How to teach tricks to my dog?

If you want to teach your dog tricks, there are some basic things to keep in mind!

Positive training

This type of training is based on rewards! This way your pet will be motivated to do the things you ask. The idea is that your dog learns that when he does something right, you reward him somehow!

What kind of “prizes” are used? They can be cookies, caresses, congratulations…

Remember! Punishing your dog is not a way to teach him! You’d only make this one afraid of you.

Choose the ideal reward for your dog

Each dog prefers a different reward. Your pet may be very cuddly and caresses are what it looks for. Or, he’s still a glutton and prefers a little cookie. Try to choose what captures your pet’s attention, so training will give a better result!

At what point should you reward your pet?

Just as it is very important to reward your dog, so is choosing the right time! It’s one of the keys to training!
Don’t forget that the function of the prizes is that our pet realizes the action to be repeated. Are you teaching your dog to sit down? Then, depending on your tail, touch the ground, give him your prize!

How to train a dog with clicker?

I’m sure you’ve heard of clicker training at some point. Clickers are devices that emit a click-click sound by let your pet know that it’s doing well. It’s another way to reward your behavior!

The sound of the clicker is very different from that of the human voice! And that’s what makes it so interesting. It will help your dog during training!

But how do I teach my dog that when the clicker rings, he’s done well? Easy! Start by working on making a positive association between the clicker’s sound and a prize. Ideally, you can ring the cliker and give a cookie, food or pamper your dog, you’ll understand it’s a prize too!

Once you’ve achieved this, it’s time to associate the sound with training orders. It’s best if you ring the clicker while you give him an order. Don’t despair! You’ll need to do it several times for your pet to understand.

How to teach tricks to my dog? Start with basic obedience!

Start training your dog for obedience, it’s the best option! What are the obedience exercises? These are orders like: “lay”, “sit”, “come”, “quiet”… they are also very useful for your pet’s own safety!

If you want to teach these commands to your dog, you won’t need a trainer. You just need a little extra patience. But is there any counsel that can be followed to teach the basic orders?

Tricks to my Dog
Tricks to my Dog

Tricks to teach a dog to sit

Without a doubt, teaching a dog to sit, it’s a very easy trick! What tips can you use?

  • Always have prizes at hand
  • Move your hand upwards. So it will definitely your dog’s nose go up and its tail down
  • Once your dog feels, tell him “sit down” and give him a prize

Patience! And you’ll have to repeat the same thing many times a day. Repetition is essential for your pet to remember! One custom you can work with is to ask your dog to sit before each meal, before going for a walk and any time you want it to be calm!

Tricks to teach a dog to come back to you

This trick, will be very useful to get your dog out of trouble! And that’s how you can keep him from running away, getting run over, among other things!

How to get started?

  • Put your dog on a leash collar
  • Get on your level, say the word “come” and pull some of the strap to get closer
  • When he comes to you, reward him!

Does your dog follow the order perfectly on the leash? So, it’s time to start practicing it also without a leash. Care! Start by practicing in an enclosed space.

Tricks to teach a dog to lie on the ground

Of all the basic obedience tricks, this is one of the most difficult! Among other things because for your dog, it’s a submission posture. However, if your dog is anxious, it’s the right posture!

  • Use the prize that most motivates your pet
  • Keep the prize inside your clenched fist
  • Lower your fist to the ground so your pet can follow your movement
  • Swipe your hand from side to side of the ground so your body can follow the movement with your head
  • Once your dog is on the ground, say the word “lie down” and give him the prize

Remember! For your pet to remember this trick, you’ll have to repeat it every day!

Is your dog trying to take the prize out of your hand, without lying down? Then tell him a resounding “NO” and take his hand out of reach.

Remember, you don’t have to push him to get him to lay down. You’d get rejection on your part!

Tricks to teach a dog to stand still

  • Do you want to start showing your pet this trick? Make sure your dog obeys the order to sit.
  • Start training by asking your dog to sit
  • Open your hand in front of him and say “quiet” or “together”
  • Take a few steps back, and try to keep your dog in the same place where he was
  • Gradually try to increase the steps you take without your dog moving
  • Don’t forget to give him his prize!

Standing still is a huge self-control exercise for your dog. It may take a little longer to learn it, but don’t despair!

How to teach my dog other fun tricks?

Apart from the basic training we’ve talked about up to this point…there are also some tricks to have fun with your pet!

Tricks to teach your dog to screw up

To teach him this trick, you need your dog to know the order “sitting down!

  • To teach him, grab your dog’s paw, pick it up and say “paw”
  • While lifting your paw, give him a prize or caresses
  • Repeat until your dog raises his leg just by saying “paw”
  • Of course, don’t forget the prizes!

Tricks to teach your dog to talk

This trick is very interesting, you will leave your friends stone!

  • Start by making a noise you know, it causes your dog to bark
  • Once you ladre, give the “talk” command and reward him
  • As with all orders, reward him and repeat it again and again!

Tricks to teach your dog to spin

  • Start with some moisture food at the tip of your tail (if you have a long tail)
  • When your dog starts spinning, say the word “turn” and reward him
  • Does your dog have a short tail? Then you can use your hand with some food that you like a lot, and make the move yourself with your hand.

Teach my dog tricks, more tips!

In case you thought the above was little, we have a few more tips!

  • Change prizes from time to time. So your dog will still be interested!
  • Gradually, space away the prizes you give it. In the end, you’ll get me to do the trick without prizes.
  • Training sessions should be short, approximately 5 minutes each.
  • Finish the training session with the trick that best handles your pet.
  • Another recommendation is that you choose a quiet place for training sessions


Have all these tips served you? Any tricks resist you? Tell us!


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