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10 reasons why it’s good to have a Golden Retrieve


reasons why it’s good to have a Golden Retrieve. How can we not love these beautiful dogs? They are intelligent, playful, selfless;. Without a doubt, the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds to have at home today. It was created during the 19th century in England with the aim of accompanying men of hunting and to pay more attention to the orders of their masters and ignore any distractions.

Here are 10 reasons why it’s good to have a Golden Retrieve

1. They are quiet:

One thing it’s great to have a Golden Retriever for is that it’ll never wake you up at night. Even though they are territorial and take care of your home, they only bark when it is completely necessary.

2. If you are happy, they too:

If you’ve lived with a Golden, you’ll know that one of their favorite things is to please their humans. Because they have a great sense of herd life, they are interested in serving to meet goals and be a good company. You should never leave them alone for long or they will get depressed.

3. Adapt to any environment:

These dogs can be adapted to all kinds of weather and living conditions. As long as you take them for a walk often, they can live in an apartment. That said, its ideal place is the open field; for this it is recommended that from time to time you take your friend on a trip to some farm.

4. They are educated dogs:

It’s good to have a Golden Retriever dog because of how easy it is to teach them to respect spaces and people. Despite being large animals, they are aware of this and are not rude to children. Besides, if the situation warrants it, they’ll know how to behave up to it.

5. They are good with other pets:

Golden sares are happy living with other pets, whether it’s other dogs, cats, or whatever you can think of. Having a dog that knows how to treat other animals in the house gives you the assurance that everything will be okay,

10 reasons why it's good to have a Golden Retrieve
10 reasons why it’s good to have a Golden Retrieve


6. Excellent hunters:

The Goldens are hunters by nature. Whether you intend to learn how to hunt birds or be an expert boar hunter, one of these dogs is the best company you can find.

7. Impeccable smell:

No dog has a better sense of smell than a Golden, it’s something proven. This is why not only do families think it’s good to have a Golden Retriever: they’re used by the police for narcotics screening.

8. They are good with children:

If a Golden considers you to be part of their herd, they will automatically feel the need to protect you. This is especially true with the smaller members of the family, as your dog will take responsibility for being good to them.

9. They are obedient:

Because of how easy it is to train a Golden Retriever dog to do whatever you want, they are considered a fairly versatile breed, they can become police assistants, take care of your children or shepherd sheep, these dogs, with the right direction, can become good at anything.

10. They live for many years:

The life expectancy of a Golden is approximately 13 years. If you are looking for an unforgettable dog, of which you can be proud at the end of its life, you should look no further. An unbeatable company, for so many years, is simply something invaluable.

These were the 10 reasons why it’s good to have a Golden Retrieve,


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