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Care for Newborn Dogs. Very useful tips

Care for newborn dogs. Puppies, are very sensitive and delicate, and require special care in the first weeks of their life. Process by which it will depend on its subsequent and optimal development.

In many cases, from the moment they are born, the puppies will suck the milk of their mothers. But in cases of abandonment, you must feed them yourself.

Basically, the health care dynamics for newborn dogs are based on five key areas. Observation, feeding, body temperature, social skills development and veterinary care.

The most important thing is to have a lot of patience and carry this whole process with a lot of love, in this way, everything will be simpler and even rewarding.

If your pet is about to have puppies or you are simply curious to know what the care of newborn dogs is like, in this article, we will give you the best tips.

Puppy review

Observation is the first phase, starting from the moment the puppies are born, until the first months.

You should observe the condition of each of the puppies.  See if they move or not, whether they breathe properly or irregularly. How small or thin they are and the relationship they have with the mother.

Puppies must be kept close to the mother. Their natural care is crucial to the physical and psychological well-being of each animal. We must not separate them until about 3 months as their life and socialization depend on it.

On the other hand, if you notice signs of illness, such as vomiting, excessive crying, diarrhea, or some physical abnormality. It’s important to contact your veterinarian immediately.

Care for Newborn Dogs

Care for Newborn Dogs

Feeding the puppy

At birth, the cubs feed on their mother’s milk that will provide them with the colostrum needed to develop. Colostrum provides immunogolobulins, fats, carbohydrates, proteins and water. This food will offer you the defenses you need to avoid suffering any disease.

If you have adopted a dog and do not have the presence of the mother, you will have to give it a bottle, during the first days, the newborns feed every two to three hours.

This happens the first few weeks, as they develop, the interval increases. By month they begin to transition from liquids, to soft and then solid.

Don’t forget that food is very important. Puppies that do not gain the proper weight during this stage may not survive. To do this, you will have to weigh them regularly and keep a strict monitoring of the weight of the puppies.

The temperature of the puppy

Maintain the body temperature of newborns very important. The puppies inside their mother, are kept at an ideal temperature. When you leave, if you don’t pay attention to this detail, you could die. Many puppies do not exceed the week born by this cause.

The mother and puppies should have prepared a special area where they can be comfortable, hot and have some privacy. I recommend having some mattresses, pillows and thick blankets. Cleaning is also necessary to maintain the health of babies, daily you will have to clean the space.

If your puppy does not have a parent that provides warmth or is rejected by the mother you must give it special love and care. Ideally, place it in a cardboard box with their corresponding blankets. You will need a stable temperature between 20oC and 22oC.

The socialization of the puppy

If you want your puppies to grow up healthy and happy, you will have to pay attention to socialization for them is very important this phase, on which their future interaction with the outside world will be based.

According to experts, it is positive that puppies, from the time of birth, stay in contact with their mother and siblings until 3 months of life. This will teach them to relate, to acquire the behaviors of dogs and then, to create the emotional confidence necessary to fend for themselves.

Sharing the food, space and affection of the owner are things that are learned from the time dogs are puppies.

Body contact and the fact that they develop their sense of smell, is essential to create good and healthy social skills, allows puppies to interact with each other naturally.

Keep an eye out for puppies that are isolated from the group and try to bring them closer, however, don’t push too hard, each puppy has its character and personality.

Specialist visit

Don’t forget to go to the professional to ensure the good health of the puppies and start with their vaccination schedule.

It will also be essential to put a chip on all puppies so that they can be located if they are lost in their adult stage. Sterilization is very convenient too.

Here were some interesting tips for the care of newborn dogs.


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