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Do dogs predict death? Find out here

Do dogs predict death? This is a question that many experts have asked the most in canine behavior.

Science recognizes that dogs are able to discover the existence of various types of cancer that people suffer.

In addition, we know that dogs can detect the presence of positive and negative forces or energies in the environment.  We even believe that dogs are able to see spirits.

Therefore, we could speculate that thanks to their sensitive senses dogs could predict the deaths of their owners.

In this article we will try to answer this question, dogs predict death.


Smell is a sense that they have very developed. Thanks to it dogs are able to detect changes in the composition of atmospheric air and can predict some natural catastrophe.

Canine smell and life

We know that dogs that accompany rescue forces when they come to help people affected by major disasters react differently to the detection of victims, corpses or survivors.

When they detect a living person buried in rubble, the dogs insistently and joyfully point out the “hot” spots, after which firefighters and rescue teams can start the rescue immediately.

Do dogs predict death?

Do dogs predict death?

Canine smell and death

Dogs trained to detect survivors among the ruins caused by a catastrophe react in a particular way when they find a living person.

However, when they find corpses their behavior offers a radical change. The joy they show in finding a surviving person disappears and shows symptoms of heartbreak and even fear. The hair on their backs biza, moan, rotate on themselves, and sometimes even howl or defecate frightened.

Why do these different canine behaviors happen?

Imagine a catastrophic scenario: the ruins of an earthquake, with living and dead victims buried under large quantities of stones, dust, timbers of collapsed properties.

Buried people, alive or dead, are not in sight. Therefore, the most logical thing is that the dog detects the victims by their smell, and even by the ear if the buried person screams.

The dog can then identify whether a person is alive or dead, thanks to the smell of each person. Since there is a distinctly different smell between life and death in a human body, even if death is very recent.

The intermediate state

An intermediate state between life and death would be agony.

There are many kinds of agony; the heinous ones in which the suffering of the sick or wounded is so evident that anyone senses a death, in a relatively short time. But there is also a serene agony, in which there are no imminent signs of death. In this case, it is not far-fetched to think that there is a third smell because of a person’s agonizing state

With this deduction we can correctly answer the question Do dogs predict death?

However, to be more precise I would say that sometimes some dogs can predict death. I don’t think all dogs can predict all deaths. If so, this canine faculty would already be recognized since the man and dog live together.

Related events

It is conclusively known that some animals (the wolves, for example). Somehow announce their imminent end to the members of their herd.

Ethologists argue that it is a way to prevent other individuals in the herd from catching it, so they prefer to walk away.

It’s behavior is due to Necromonas. Just as we know the meaning of pheromones. Necromonas are another type of organic compounds that agonizing bodies exude, and which is most likely what dogs pick up in sick people. Whose purpose is approaching.

Necromonas and feelings

Necromonas have been studied scientifically, basically among insects. In these insects it has been observed that the chemical composition of their necromonas come from their fatty acids. Especially oleic acid and linoleic acid, which are the first to degrade in an agonizing state.

In addition, dogs have feelings. Different from humans, but equivalent. For this reason it should come as no surprise that dogs do not separate from their owners during the last hours of the person.

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