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Do dogs predict pregnancy? Find out here

Do dogs predict pregnancy?. We know that animals have a sixth sense and for that reason. They can abruptly alter their behavior for something that we are not able to identify.

A sign of this astonishing sense is when they manage to predict natural disasters. For example, before a tsunami occurred in Sri Lanka that would destroy much of the island. Various animals (rabbits, hares, orangutans and elephants, among others) sought refuge in the highest altitude terrain. Surprising, isn’t it?

That’s, why it’s natural to question whether pets are able to detect other phenomena happening at home or with their owners. In this article we try to answer the following question Do dogs predict pregnancy?

Do dogs predict pregnancy?

Do dogs predict pregnancy?

The possibility of dogs detecting a pregnancy

There is now a lot of talk about interspecies communication. Referencing the ability of animals to communicate with any other species. This seems incredible, however, there is growing evidence to claim that this is possible.

With dogs, something similar happens. The vast majority of people who have a dog at home know that a special bond is created with it. For example. When a dog howls tirelessly because its owner has passed away. Even if the animal is not present at that time, it is able to perceive it.

Dogs are very sensitive to what happens in their environment and detect when things do not go well and the environment is not in harmony. Therefore, they might perceiv perfectly when a woman in the family is pregnant, even realizing it before she confirms it.

Pregnancy screening is not such a mystical issue

When we talk about the sixth sense in animals, we do not mean a mystical or esoteric question.

Currently some dogs are the best nurses of people with diabetes. Because they are able to detect physiological changes that occur when the body enters a state of lack of blood glucose. These dogs not only warn the diabetic, but can also bring the necessary material to you to re-arrange this situation.

During pregnancy there are numerous physiological changes and dogs detect them, so they can predict when a woman is in gestation.

How does a dog detect a pregnancy?

Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy change body odor. This is not noticeable by us, but dogs clearly warn you and change your behavior, being able to be jealous or overly protective.

As pregnancy progresses the dog will also notice that the woman is more sensitive, more tired and that she is making changes in her surroundings.

We can conclude that both female intuition and the sixth sense of dogs are numerous times the best tools for detecting a pregnancy.

And with this we can give a positive answer to the question we raised at first, do dogs predict pregnancy?


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