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how often I have to bathe my dog?

how often I have to bathe my dog?

Dogs are part of our family and we share life, home and even, bed. This is one of the reasons why it is essential to maintain the hygiene of the animal. In addition, it is important for your health, as a dirty dog can develop a multitude of skin problems, have fleas or simply smell bad.

Because of the widespread fear that bathing a dog could damage its pH and fur, many people wonder how often I have to bathe my dog? Keep reading this article to find out when to shower your hairy.

how often I have to bathe my dog?

how often I have to bathe my dog?

Dog Bath Myths

There are many myths about bathing dogs, some more successful than others. It is said that when bathed they lose the natural oils of their skin and damage the pH. This is not entirely true, as it can only affect your health if we overwash them or if we never wash them. Dogs get dirty and need us to bathe them from time to time precisely to preserve their health.

It is also not true that water enters their ears and causes otitis. This can happen, of course, but being careful we shouldn’t have any problems.

Another of the most accepted myths is that if they smell of perfume the other dogs will reject it. Remember that dogs have a very powerful smell and underneath that smell so rich that the shampoo leaves. The others will continue to smell the dog and there will be no socialization problem.

This means that bathing your dog is not bad for your health or driving you away from others if you do it as often as necessary.

Long hair, short hair

The frequency of the bath is very different between short-haired and long-haired dogs. The latter need more care and you have to be more aware of your image. It’s normal, they have more hair where you can hide dust and dirt. So how often do I have to bathe my dog according to the length of his hair? Here are some tips

  • Long-haired dogs: once every four weeks.
  • If you have medium hair: once between four and six weeks.
  • With short hair: once between six and eight weeks.

Remember to wash them with dog-specific shampoos, although you can also use natural products that don’t damage their skin or hair. If you can’t bathe him at home you can always take him to a dog grooming center.

Maintaining hygiene

To prevent our dog from smelling bad and staying clean longer it is important to brush it frequently. It is preferable to brush it for a few minutes each day than only once a month for an hour. Brushing will remove dead hair and dust and keep your dog clean longer. Although, of course, brushing is not a substitute for the bathroom.

And what if you bathed your dog and three days later it scrambles in mud? You’ll have to bathe him again. Don’t worry about having to bathe it a couple of times in a row in a timely manner, you’re not going to damage his skin or his fur.

If you use dry shampoo do you save yourself the bath with water? Dry shampoo is used for very specific occasions when we can’t bathe it. For example, when our furry vomits during a car trip. The bathroom is essential to maintain your hygiene and your health so alternative remedies are not worth it.


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