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10 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

10 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy. Dogs are loving animals that require their main needs to be met to be healthy and happy.

A home, a good place to sleep, a balanced diet according to your requirements and a lot of affection from your human companions are some of them.

When thinking about giving your can the best, you should wonder how to make your dog happy. It is not a question of pampering it to the extreme and allowing it to behave in any way, but to meet the basic demands that will make it a balanced, healthy and cheerful dog.

Here are 10 ways to make your dog happy, Read on!

What does a dog need to be happy?

The truth is that dogs do not need much to be happy, since they settle for very little. Thus, giving them all our love, paying the attention they need, providing a comfortable place to sleep, a quality diet and ensuring that they exercise and go out on the street to do their needs. Dogs are the happiest animals in the world! And not only that, they will give us back all that multiplied love and they will worship us forever, for we are facing hugely grateful animals.

Take note of our tips on how to make your dog love you.

1. Clean dog, happy dog

Does your dog usually wallow in the dirt right after his bath? Despite this, they love to feel clean. So hygiene is a priority when it comes to contenting a dog. Brushing regularly will help your fur look pretty and remove knots. In addition to preventing disease and the invasion of external parasites.

Ear cleaning is also important, keeping mites and infections at bay. But, we recommend that a professional do the cleaning of the ears. Also, don’t forget oral health, important to protect your dog’s teeth. In addition to this, cutting your nails to keep them to the ideal extent will prevent you from getting hurt when scratched or your legs get stuck in different materials. Similarly, the bathroom is essential to keep it clean and fresh.
The time of grooming is a perfect opportunity to strengthen bonds with your dog. Don’t miss the opportunity to play together, it will make you very happy! To do this, remember to positiveize the moment of bathing, brushing, etc. To make it really a pleasant experience for both of us.

2. A good diet, key to making your dog happy

Some dogs are able to eat almost anything, but this doesn’t mean it’s good for their health. In the long run, a messy diet will only bring you disease. Because of this, quality food is an essential element to make an adult dog, puppy or senior happy.

It is important to remember that the food, whether dry, wet or homemade, must be adapted to its size, age, race and physical activity, in addition to taking into account the possible conditions that may suffer, if any.

Likewise, don’t forget to offer a container of fresh water at all times to keep you hydrated.

3. Games and fun

Maintaining a routine of games, if possible daily, will cause your dog to burn all the accumulated energy, especially if it spends many hours inside the house, and stays properly stimulated. Plus, he’ll share a lot of time with you!

When it comes to games, you can let your imagination run wild and acquire various toys, taking into account the size (so they are not ingested) and the material (to prevent it from getting hurt). Also, keep in mind that intelligence games are highly recommended to keep your mind stimulated. Since the goal of playing is not just to make the animal burn energy.

10 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

10 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

4. Exercise, essential to have a happy dog

In addition to games, it’s important to give your dog physical activity away from home, this is an important element to make him happy!. Walks, visits to parks where you can sniff new things and face challenges that stimulate your intelligence, are a way to give you fun and enrich your life.

Dogs are sociable animals by nature, curious and active, so they need to run, relate to other dogs and get to know new environments. In this sense, good socialization is essential for you to learn to communicate properly with your congeners, other animals and people.
On the outings, remember to wear your strap and a necklace with your name and contact details. Similarly, make sure the area is safe and don’t let your dog walk away, otherwise it could get lost.

5. Affection, attention and communication, the basis of happiness

Pampering and caresses are very important displays of affection, both for humans and animals, and dogs are no exception. Showing your dog’s affection will make your relationship with him better, strengthen the bonds.

Demonstrating affection does not only involve pampering and games, but also paying attention to your needs, attending to your ailments and doing everything possible to understand it.

6. Veterinary care

It is very important to guarantee the health of your dog by offering a good preventive medicine. And what better way to do it than to schedule frequent visits to the vet. Ideally, the professional should perform a general checkup of the animal to find or avoid any condition or abnormality. In addition to applying the necessary vaccines and deworming when you see fit.

7. Positive education

Education is essential for harmonious coexistence in the home. A spoiled dog accustomed to doing everything he wants will never be happy, because he will constantly collide with the routine of the home and will create tensions around him. Do not worry! Whether adult or puppy, your dog is able to learn, you just need patience, time and love.

Dog education should include not only tricks for both to have fun, but also the basic rules that the dog must follow at home. Like what places in the house are allowed and what is not. In addition, this education should also focus on establishing meal schedules, walks, games, resting and feeding places, adaptation to household routines, among other aspects.

Apart from the above, to make your dog happy and get him to adore you, it is essential to follow techniques based on positive reinforcement. Punishment-based training only increases animal discomfort, develops stress, anxiety, fear and frustration, which can lead to an aggressive attitude.

By positive reinforcement the animal is able to better understand what is expected of it, to stay motivated and to feel like continuing to learn. Prizes, caresses and words of encouragement are some of the best techniques.

10 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

8 How to make an elderly dog happy?

The tips mentioned above apply to all canines without age distinction, but there are some additional elements that can help you make an old dog happy.


Over adulthood, some games or activities may no longer be to your dog’s liking, or you may want to do them for less time. It is important to respect how your dog feels and allow him, instead of playing, to lie or sleep if he wishes.

9 Longer walks

Some adult and elderly dogs may need longer walks, as they must stay in shape and take care of their physical and mental health. This will depend on the conditions in which your can is located and the temperature of the season you are in.

Try several laps in the park or the beach, these are good times to play with your dog and exercise it while enjoying the ride.

10 Understand what he means

Dogs communicate with humans in various ways, however, it is often difficult to understand what they mean. To do this, it is important that you know how to decipher what the different ways of moving its tail, ears and even its legs mean. In this way, you and your dog will achieve better communication and you can make it very happy.

These were the 10 ways to make your dog happy

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