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Do Dogs Dream?


Do dogs dream? In the image and likeness of humans, during the so-called REM phase of sleep, dogs also have brain activities. In these “per-dogs dreams,” dogs recall the common activities they have done during the day

How does the science know that dogs dream of?

Fifty years ago Philip K. Dick wondered “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” in his science fiction short novel that marked an entire generation… we don’t know if that will be true; but what is certain is that our dogs do dream. Not with electric sheep; but if with nice things and others not so much since they also have nightmares. A recent study has shown that all new things they learn during the day are reinforced at the time of sleep. It seems that during the so-called REM Phase (quick eye movement), the deepest according to a study echoed by the Daily Mail it was confirmed that dogs dream while sleeping. On most occasions they do so remembering the walk you have taken, the dogs you have crossed paths with or the races or games you have made during that day. Does that ring a bell?

It’s something like what happens to humans when we sleep we remember moments and experiences lived. This research led by Stanley Coren, a professor of psychology at Columbia University, shows how while they sleep – they will have observed it if they have a dog – our pets can growl, moan or move their legs, as if they were running, while they were running, while they were running, while they were running, while Dream.

Puppies dream more than adult cans, even if they are shorter. That’s because they’re getting a lot of stimuli and assimilating a lot of information. Like pleasurable dreams, dogs can also have nightmares hence that while dreaming emit moans and growls… but do we really know what they dream or if it’s true that they dream? As we have been able to know, it has not yet been proven 100 percent; but what is true is that encephalograms have been performed on dogs and these tests have shown similar sleep patterns of humans.

While they sleep they see images

They have cycles – in these are when you assume that you are seeing images in front of your eyes – of rapid eye movements that happen when dreams occur. According to these studies, small dogs dream more than large ones and puppies more than adult specimens. From www.misanimales.com they claim that “a Toy poodle can dream once every ten minutes, while a Golden Retriever can only dream once every 90 minutes.”

Do Dogs Dream
Do Dogs Dream

What a dog experiences in his life may or may not impact what he dreams of, but the most logical thing is that he does. If our dog lives at home and after a day in the countryside running and playing outdoors it is no wonder that that night when he falls on his mat he dreams of the exciting experience.

When dogs start sleeping they enter a light sleep mode in which their breathing is regular and they can easily wake up. As we have been saying, dogs when they sometimes dream moan, growl, cry, swell and even wag their tails. That shows that something is wrong with them: they’re dreaming. When they enter a heavier sleep phase and although they seem to have nightmares it is better not to wake the sleeping dog. In the section of the nightmares, the owner of a dog knows when the dog cries or is afraid, experts advise to call them gently by name and caress them by the sides so that they feel protected by their presence, they will calm down and continue to dream.

It is normal for them to make all those movements and sounds and let them dream because if they are not they can feel threatened and bite. While we watched our dog sleep and dream we would love for him to be able to talk and when he wakes up he would tell us his dream but… That’s impossible. Experts say their fantasies can be found in chases, food and especially in games.

Finally, don’t forget that dogs and all our pets like humans need an uninterrupted break to recharge batteries, have a healthy mental activity and stay well physically.


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