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Emotional benefits of having a dog


If you have decided to have a dog at home you must be aware that you will be totally responsible for its well-being and happiness, however, the benefits are very great and that it will make it very happy and be part of your family.

Once you adopt a dog, you will have to face many challenges, increase expenses, you must take care of its health, go with the veterinarian on a daily basis, make changes in your habits to include activities how to play with it and take it for a walk every day.

Don’t forget that sometimes it will make you angry every time your dog does a prank or doesn’t behave properly.

However, little by little your heart will be won and the emotional benefits are incomparable, transform us and take away our most loving, sentimental and understanding side. We’re willing to give everything for them.

What Are the Emotional Benefits of Having a Dog?

Reduce depression:

When this problem develops because of loneliness, with the arrival of a puppy you will not feel alone, it will be a partner with which you can talk and do different activities that keep you busy.

Increase happiness:

As you spend time with dogs there is an increase in oxytocin in humans and it also produces serotonin and dopamine which are antidotes to depression.

Emotional benefits of having a dog
Emotional benefits of having a dog

They reinforce self-esteem:

Scientists at the universities of Miami and St. Louis have higher self-esteem for people in Miami and St. Louis. They help overcome fear and shyness, as well as providing a sense of protection and improved social relationships.

Decreases stress:

Studies have shown that having a dog, stroking it, living with it and even talking to him reduces this problem that several humans suffer.

They provide mental balance:

Researchers claim that dogs are a social support that help balance thoughts and produce mental well-being. Also the responsibility of caring for a puppy contributes to mental maturity.

These were the emotional benefits of having a dog at home

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