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Do you see your dog as your son?

Do you see your dog as your son

Do you see your dog as your son? Those of us who have pets at home know of the love we can feel for them. It’s not easy to explain in words, but we’re really happy just to get home and see our pet welcome us. The thought of something happening to them terrifies us. In addition, your care and well-being is a priority for us.

We take pictures of them all the time, buy them toys and at every opportunity we take them for a walk. Many say they are like our children and others say they’re just animals. The truth is that we feel that they are part of our lives and that they are indeed canine children.

Do you see your dog as your son?

Do you see your dog as your son?

For those who think we’re crazy, I have something to tell you: you’re wrong! Science has something to explain about the bond with our dog.

A revealing investigation

Following the strong human-dog bond. Japan’s University of Animal Science and Biotechnology decided to study the brain stimuli humans receive when they are close to their dog.

During the study, dogs were separated from their humans for a time, and when they were reunited. The oxytocin levels of both urines were compared. They found that dog-human contact increased the levels of the two species.

They found, too, that the segregation of oxytocin is not differentiated by the brain, that is, it releases the same hormone by the feeling of love of couple. Love between mother and son or love between pet and human. Those who have dogs in their home release more oxytocin than those who don’t. And that’s why the bond with their pet is so strong.

We don’t need science!

While this study supports how we feel about our pet and now we can discuss with valid arguments the love we have for them, frankly we didn’t need it.

Having a dog is more than the secretion of oxytocin, is having to be aware of something that can never be used by itself, that like you, he chose you, and that are the faithful reflection of our mood.

Being a canine father is—saving differences—like having a child for all that comes with taking care of a living being. Although it also means enjoying one of the purest bonds that humans can ever experience.

We are happy to share life with such noble animals!

Do you see your dog as your son? now you understand why

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