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Most popular breeds of small dogs


If you want to adopt a dog as one more member of your family, here are the most popular small dog breeds,

Small dog breeds are becoming increasingly popular around the world because they are easy to own in small houses and are also very cute. Dogs of small breeds are those that in their adult life do not come to weigh more than 15 kg. However, within these small breeds we also find miniature dogs that can weigh between 1 kg and 6kg.

If you’re looking for small breed dog, then you should read this article so you know the benefits of having a small dog. Most popular breeds of small dogs

Benefits of adopting a small dog

  • Small breed dogs are perfect for small houses where you don’t have a garden
  • The maintenance of a small dog is less expensive than that of a large dog. And the cost of the veterinarian is also usually lower.
  • Toy dogs are easy to transport in vehicles, you just need a wooden travel box or a small transporter and ready.

Most popular breeds of small, toy and miniature dogs.

Miniature Dachshund

This type of dog also known as sausage dog or teckel and is of German origin. This puppy doesn’t weigh beyond 6kg. However, there is a breed of teckel that is classified as standard dog that can reach up to 11 kg. Its physiognomy is due to a genetic mutation known as bassetism and its fur characteristics may vary from dog to dog. Its physiognomy is due to a genetic mutation known as bassetism 

Toy Poodle

If you’re looking for a puppy that looks like a stuffed animal, then you’re looking for a toy poodle. Its main characteristic is the enstitute fur, dense and abundant, although there is also a variation of the breed with fur in the form of tufts. They are very tender puppies that do not weigh more than 4.5 kg. Toy caniches descend from traditional podies mixed with smaller breeds. Most popular breeds of small dogs


It is another breed of miniature dogs which is of Mexican origin, this puppy does not come to weigh more than 3 kg. Its main feature is its ears that are very large compared to its body. As a watchdog it is excellent, as it is quite suspicious and emits very good barking. However, in houses with children it is necessary to be careful because the Chihuahua or also called Chiuaueño is usually very nervous and can get upset quickly.

Mini Yorkshire

This puppy is actually a breed of miniature dogs that does not come to weigh more than 2kg, that is why it is also known as Miniature Terrier. The Yorkshire has a smooth, abundant and double colored mane that has made it popular as an exhibition dog. Probably his mane is what catches the eye among models and celebrities from all over the world who choose him as their pampered pet. It can even be seen to be Barbie’s mascot, the traditional American doll. This breed of dog well maintained can live up to 17 years.

Most popular breeds of small dogs
Most popular breeds of small dogs

Miniature Schnauzer

This breed of small dog originating in Germany does not weigh more than 6 kg, descends from the crossing of the standard schnauzer and probably from the miniature pinscher. They are strong in character, although they are still playful. Traditionally they accompanied farm owners to keep them free of mice and to guide the horses. Miniature Schnauzer breed dogs are excellent company for adults since their character is serious. He needs socialization when he’s small so he won’t be shy as an adult.


It is a small dog that does not weigh more than 8 kg, its main characteristic is its character, since it can be a small fierce. He is of Chinese origin and became part of the royals, in the former Chinese, whoever came to hurt a Pekingese was severely punished, could even pay with the death penalty. There are several types of Pekingese standard and miniature. It is a very brave dog and faces dangers that do not go in proportion to its size.  He prefers prudence and can even show up frivolous.


This breed of dogs toy is also known as Continental Toy Spaniel. It is a breed of small dog of French and Belgian origin. Papilladon is a name in French meaning butterfly, name that has won this breed of small dog by the shape of its ears. It’s a somewhat shy dog so you have to teach him to socialize from a young age. It is also a very independent dog that if not educated can resolve its conflicts in its own way and cause certain disasters at home. It is really sensitive and easily adapts to the mood of its owner, can understand its anxieties and also its joys. Most popular breeds of small dogs

Recommendations and/or care of small dogs

    • Choose a small dog based on your needs and abilities. There are some dogs that are great for children because they are patient and playful. Others are more for older adults because they are passive, quiet, act like a real company and can even sniff out health problems. There are those who are guardians and who are very active and energetic. Before adopting a small dog breed ask yourself what your company needs are.
    • As for their care, small breeds run the risk of lowering their temperature very quickly, so in winter and rainy and cold seasons it is advisable to leave their long fur and have a warm space.
    • Small breeds of dogs are very common to live in small houses without patio or garden. That’s why your chances of wearing out your nails are slimmed down. If this is your case the frequency of nail cutting should be higher.
    • The deterioration of dental parts in small dogs is faster than that of large dogs. From the age of 3 years a greater dental control is important. Tell your veterinarian about the frequency and shape of brushing, tooth care, and toys available to help them control bacterial plaque.

The frequency of daily food should be higher than that of a large dog, as small dogs are more active and this causes them an acceleration in their metabolism. Most popular breeds of small dogs

Exclusive foods for small breeds take into account this particularity and have the necessary calories for small dogs.


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