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What care does an old dog need?


What care does an old dog need? A desire of humans is for dogs to be eternal to always be with them, but that is not possible, time passes and they age faster than us and changes are evident.

Health declines generally, bringing problems in the eyes, skin, memory, bones, joints, teeth and also in memory. Which means owners should provide them with more care than normal.

Increased visits to the veterinarian

When a dog is elderly, its body begins to deteriorate and may have more severe health problems or those who need to be more vigilant.

Proper feeding:

Some habits of the dog’s life have to be modified gradually, in the case of food, there is special food for elderly dogs, the decision of the change should be consulted with the veterinarian to analyze whether it is convenient and / or necessary. On the other hand, sweets are no longer welcome in your body, they can generate negative consequences such as obesity.

Physical activity:

Just because your dog is older, it doesn’t mean you should stop exercising, on the contrary, you need to stay active. The pace will not be the same nor will he do feats he performed when he was a puppy, but the walks to his chances should be part of his daily routine.

What care does an old dog need?
What care does an old dog need?


Dogs become cold over the years, these moments in the sun will make them feel warmer, also helps them to fix calcium to the bones and increase energy.

Needs space:

When dogs age, their character changes and they prefer to be alone at certain times because they feel tired and despair faster. Try to be patient and not demand your attention or presence all the time. Let him know you support him at this stage.

Give him a lot of love:

Age has nothing to do with the ability to love, you will be his favorite person forever, caress him, talk to him and consider him. We don’t know how long he’ll be in this world, he takes advantage of every moment.


What care does an old dog need

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