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How do you know if your dog loves you?


How do you know if your dog loves you? Probably your dog loves you much more than you imagine and is that it is in its own nature and method of survival to follow those who provide food and affection.

In the day to day our dog shows us on countless occasions how much he loves us, albeit in a different way than we humans use. It is then essential to know the canine language.

Find out how to know if your dog loves you and starts to love him much more now that you already know. We explain 10 signs that prove it and that you should know!

1. Welcomes you enthusiastically

Dogs are curious by nature and practically always go out to welcome anyone who enters their home, a place they feel like their own. However, if you are greeted by wagging your tail and playing it is a sign that you are glad of your return. Your dog probably loves you!

2. Move your tail whenever you see yourself

If your dog moves the tail from side to side and even gets to move the hip when it does… You can be very satisfied! It is an unmistakable sign that your dog is happy, looks for game and is happy to see you.

Exaggerated tail movements and play-attitude convey confidence, friendship and joy.

3. Looks for you to play

The game is a behavior that dogs practically never lose, even in their adult stage.

Except, clearly, those dogs that suffer from health or behavioral problems, as is in the case of senile dementia or high levels of stress. Let your dog look for you to play a clear sign of blending and that he is a happy dog.

4. Pay attention to yourself

If your dog turns your head when you talk to him, moves his eyebrows and is always attentive to everything you do, it is that you are definitely a very special person in his life.

The attention it provides is directly proportional to his love for you.

5. Follows you everywhere

That your dog wants to be constantly with you is a clear sign that he trusts you and feels comfortable next to you.

Although there are dogs more lapdogs than others, the truth is that most cannot resist accompanying you anywhere.

However, it is important to learn to differentiate this attitude from separation anxiety, when the dog is unable to manage its loneliness and begins to show destructive behaviors, exaggerated barking or and faeces at home.

How do you know if your dog loves you?
How do you know if your dog loves you?

6. Fills You with Kisses

Dogs love licking! Although sometimes it may be that they attract the taste of your skin or try to stick their tongue in your mouth after you have eaten something, the truth is that when a dog licks your face is sending you a clear sign of friendship.

Sometimes it can mean a “I’m fine” or “don’t get too close” but most of a time, when a dog licks a person it means they love them.

We humans tend to reinforce this behavior, as most of us like it. Therefore, when the dog interprets that we like, they do not stop. It’s a way to show how much they love us!

7. Protects You

You don’t have to train a dog in defense and attack for it to defend us. In fact, we recommend using this type of training, as it increases stress levels in the dog and can have serious consequences if carried out by non-experienced people.

However, it is common for a dog to show a hostile attitude to those who shout at us or try to assault us. Although it may be very comfortable remember that it is not positive to reinforce this behavior, as it can lead to aggressive behaviors.

8. Comforts you when you’re sad

Dogs are able to feel people’s pain in very different ways. They recognize crying, similar to their howl, as well as many behaviors we carry out in times of sadness.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for them to try to comfort us by staying by our side or by offering us small gestures of love, such as soft licks.

9. Let you hug and over-kiss him

Although it is difficult to believe, most dogs do not feel comfortable when we hug them or fill them with excessive kisses, that is because they feel imprisoned and somewhat stressed. It’s normal for them to be careful and turn their heads as a sign of calm.

Still, your dog is able to understand that this is a behavior that you like, so it is allowed to be done, with the intention that you understand that he loves you. In addition, as with licking, dogs tend to tolerate behaviors we reinforce.

So it’s no wonder he lets himself do everything you want if you give them a “very good-looking” or a “I love you”.

10. Never leaves you

The dog is undoubtedly the most faithful animal there is. He has earned himself by heart to be man’s best friend, for his loyalty and commitment. If you strive to care for your dog, love him and offer, as far as possible, the best quality of life, you will always have at your side a faithful friend who will never leave you.

Other signs that your dog loves you:

• Lying belly up
• Lower your ears when you caress
• Taking refuge in you
• Find you
• Reacting to your emotions
• Practice orders without having asked
• Obey you

Remember that each dog has a specific personality and that for that same reason not everyone will act in the same way. We recommend that you be patient and that you offer a lot of affection to your dog so that he trusts you and begins to love you as much as you love him.

How do I make my dog love me more?

If you have already discovered the signs that indicate that your dog loves you and you would love to further strengthen that bond, you should know that it is possible to pay attention to the care you offer, the attention you give it and the diet.

How do you know if your dog loves you?. Remember that if furry friend is happy with you, healthy and feels safe, he will offer you all his love and loyalty!

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