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The Best Companion Dogs.

Best Companion Dogs. If you are looking to add a new member to your home or maybe give a dog to an older person like your grandfather, you probably want to consider which are the best companion dogs.

We must keep in mind that like every pet, these animals also have needs that we must cover responsibly, but the fact that they are of a certain breed, make their personality a little calmer than the others, more docile and perfect for the company of people who can’t do too much activity or need a faithful partner.

Although there are dogs considered companion, all dogs can be domesticated to be great companions regardless of their breed.

However, in this article we will concentrate on the dogs that are best known to adapt to their owners. We look forward to helping you find a partner for your new home.

Always keep in mind that beyond the dog you choose you must have some responsibility for it. You should treat it with love, keep up to date your vaccine schedule and feed it balanced to lead healthier lives.
Don’t forget that everyone needs to go for a walk, even once a week, to avoid stress and live with other dogs.

Now yes, it’s time to introduce you to the list of the 9 best companion dogs


The poodle is by choice the favorite dog of the elderly, it is a dog with a very special character, does not require too much care or great walks in the park.

Like to spend time indoors, ideal for apartments or small houses as it is not a dog that needs too much space.

For lovers of small dogs, the poodle is the ideal choice as it is a great companion who enjoys staying by your side while watching TV or chatting with your friends.

They are faithful and create a very special bond with their owners. They get along very well with the kids and are very smart. They almost lose no hair and have a life expectancy that can exceed 16 years.

Basset Hound

This medium-sized hound is chosen as a good companion dog for many as it is par excellence a great keeper and a great companion.

The Basset Hound is quiet that rarely shows aggressive or causes fights with other dogs. Ideal for houses with small patios.

The Best Companion Dogs.

The Best Companion Dogs.

Golden Retriver

This dog is very famous for its ability to live with people as it is very friendly. Enjoy family, children, adults and the elderly. There is no one to resist this faithful companion.

In addition, the Golden Retriever is docile from birth, with good character and loyal. an excellent watchdog and companion at all times.


Beyond the Disney films that made them world famous, many families decided to adopt a Dalmatian.

These dogs, in addition to being eye-catching for their stains, are extremely sociable. Thanks to their versatile temperament, they are employed as the ideal companions. Patient and respectful, they always seek to help their master. The Dalmatians get along wonders for the children.

Shar Pei

If size isn’t too big, a Shar Pei is the ideal choice.

They are neither very large nor very small dogs. It is a docile and quiet dog that likes to keep company, although it can also be very independent, which makes it easier for us to not have to pay attention constantly and adapt to the long working days of its masters.

French Bulldog

It’s a small but sturdy animal. He loves to go for a walk, he is very playful with other dogs and excellent with children.

These dogs come from a very awake and free breed that enjoys the company of their masters, as well as those of other dogs. Enjoy exercise even if its appearance says otherwise, it is ideal for hiking.


This dog is listed as the best breed of companion dogs and coexistence. They never get tired of playing, so they are excellent friends of children. It is of a friendly and fun character and transmits joy to where it goes.

The pomeranian, is an inseparable dog that is always aware of its owners, ideal for elderly people.

Pug or Carlino

Do not be fooled by its rude appearance, this dog is noble, affectionate and affectionate at all times. The pug, is an ideal dog for older people since it has a docile and casual temperament.

It is also intelligent, sociable and adaptable to all kinds of environments. Ideal for visiting other homes or taking you for a walk as a companion.

It is common to hear him snoring very loudly in their sleep, so it is not better to sleep in the same room as this adorable little boy.


Although it looks like a dog that is not easily managed by its large size and its physical form, in reality the boxer breed is one of the best breeds to live with people. They are faithful, respectful, noble and delicate in playing.

Many of them serve as therapeutic aids as they spread their vitality and joy. The bad thing is that it is an animal that needs to expend energy every day, so it is ideal for people who can take it out every day for a walk.


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