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Dress up puppies. That’s a good idea?

Dress up puppies can it be a good idea?, or else should we avoid it?

Dress up puppies. There are parties like Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, even a wedding. In which we may want to disguise our dog, but should we?

Those of us who have a dog in the family enjoy sharing as long as possible with our furry best friend. And therefore, we incorporate it more and more into our activities

Also, if we are people who enjoy dressing up on special occasions, we probably want our dog to participate in those events. However, here is the doubt, can we disguise our dog, or should we avoid it?

Dress up puppies, can have two objectives, one functional, and one aesthetic.

Dress up puppies. That's a good idea?

Dress up puppies. That’s a good idea?

A functional goal we look for when we have a dog that is greatly affected by winter inclement weather. Herefore, it feels better with its sweater or raincoat when we take it for a walk.

When we have Dress up puppies for a functional purpose, many experts agree that it can be a valid and non-harmful option for the dog.

As already mentioned, one of the virtues of pet clothing is that it can help during different times of the year when temperature changes affect the animal’s fur.

A small sweater can be a great ally to avoid wounds caused by cold, heat or hair loss. Plus, it helps keep the house from full of hair everywhere.

For those who are more naughty or adventurous it is also good protection. Since clothing would protect you from scratches, chafing, wound infections or bumps.

As for the elderly and puppies, the ropita is not over. The former need it to cover their bones and muscles in very cold temperatures. And the seconds have just been born, so they will need heat to best suit their new environment.

Aesthetic Purpose

On the other hand, an aesthetic purpose is the one for which we dress or disguise our dog simply to see it more “beautiful”, because we find it funny or friendly. Some experts believe that dress up pets, for aesthetic purposes, can be un beneficial or harmful to our pet.

In this situation, it is important to ask us the following questions: does our dog really need to be disguised? Do you have any benefit to him? Are you able to socialize under these circumstances? Do you feel part of the group or family because you’re in disguise? disguise our dog can it be harmful to him?

In our opinion, dressing up our puppy doesn’t have a direct benefit to him. But to know if there is any harm nothing better than knowing our dog and assessing the circumstances.

It is not the same to dress puppies for a moment to take a photo and upload it to our social networks. To have them dressed up all afternoon at a family party. Also, put a simple handkerchief or light costume to a heavy, uncomfortable or bulky one. Disguise it once a year, in a punctual circumstance, you do it every week. Let him dress up and be with his family to be dressed up at a noisy party, with a lot of unknown people.

Taking into account all of the above, we have decided to introduce you to the pros and cons to disguise pets. Dress up puppies

Arguments in favor of disguising our dog

The love and love we feel for our pets is sometimes impossible to explain. Such is the desire that we have to include them in all possible ways in our life and daily life. As well as customs and habits.

Dogs are the most faithful animal to man, many would insure and thus make him man’s best friend. This fact makes the owners treat their pets with as much respect and affection as possible. Although it is true that on many occasions funny situations are established at the expense of these little ones of the house.

Our canine can feel in a disguise either overwhelmed or ridiculed Choosing a costume for our pet sporadically wouldn’t have to be a complication for the dog’s life. It can be an experience where you can both have fun. In addition, the puppy can feel integrated into the celebration of his family and therefore, can a posture that would certainly please our pet and improve his mood in the presence of other people.

Arguments against to disguise our pet.

Dressed up puppies

Dressed up puppies

Before disguising your dog, think about whether it can be an activity your dog could enjoy. Or just do it with your own fun in mind.

In addition, costumes can cause your dog to feel humiliated or ridiculed. If you notice that your disguised puppy hides the tail. Doesn’t want to move or looks at you with frightened eyes and bewildered face, you’re sure to feel stress or discomfort.

Also, a costume can create aggression in a dog. If your pet is not used to wearing clothes, and you force him to wear a costume that limits his normal activities. Your puppy may feel angry and therefore show aggressive behavior.
Sometimes punctual fun is premiumed without the comfort the canine can feel.

Another important point, is that the disguise, could cause an allergic reaction. By the material with which the costume is made. Or expose your dog to extreme temperatures, which can cause serious health problems. Or simply diminish the comfort of our pet.

Tips for dressing a dog without suffering

If despite what we have told you you still believe that the occasion deserves it and your dog will not suffer any unpleasant consequences. Then we offer some tips for you to consider before disguising it.

Seek comfort.

Comfort is non-negotiable. And freedom obviously doesn’t either. For a dog to feel really good in a disguise, it must be able to: move, breathe, bark, eat, drink, sniff, urinate, defecate, etc. As normal without having to remove any piece of the suit. Avoid masks and helmets that can clog the animal’s vision and ear, exposing it to unnecessary risks. And make sure he’s got the right size, not too tight, that he won’t let him move, or too loose. That he can make him stumble.

We recommend that you start with a simple outfit. Something very extravagant could be uncomfortable to wear and will be a real pain in your furry best friend.

Always prefer good quality materials

When searching the internet or in physical stores we find costumes of all styles, materials and prices. Better quality garments can be somewhat expensive, but let’s think of them as an investment.

Ideally, the costume for your dog is made with sturdy materials and hypoallergenic fabrics. It is also important to look at the seam and its finishes, to prevent itching or irritating the skin of our furry.

It must be safe

Small pieces such as buttons and trinkets that can come off the costume pose a real threat to your dog’s safety. Movement or shine can make them tempted to bite them, and if they are ripped off and ingested. They can have serious consequences such as suffocation or intestinal obstruction. A condition that usually requires surgery. Of course, this applies not only to the dog costume but to that of all family members. If you notice that your dog has trouble breathing or vomits, seek medical attention right away for the veterinarian to examine and decide whether or not the animal needs treatment. Don’t wait the next day.

Avoid heat.

Even if we are cold, its body temperature is different from ours, as it is regulated by the hair and skin that covers your body. Therefore, no use of fabrics that cause heat, such as wools, corduroys, fleece fabrics. Ideally, it is thin and made of a sighing tissue.

Dress up puppies. That's a good idea?

Dress up puppies. That’s a good idea?

Don’t wear makeup on your dog.

Although there are many products sold to make up dogs. The truth is that using waxes and paints for dogs could trigger psychological and physical damage to your can, both from stress and from poisoning and allergies.

In fact, numerous scientific studies reveal that there are very numerous toxic agents found in dog makeup. Be they waxes, face paints, hair dyes or nail polishes.

Elements such as lead, present in these products, can cause diseases such as asthma. So remember, even though the danger doesn’t look at first glance, by using this you’re disrupting the health of your furry best friend. Avoid it!

Pay attention to the first signs of stress

There are dogs that stay relaxed and act normally regardless of what they wear. Others, however, may feel uncomfortable even with a bandana. How do you know if or not your dog is overwhelmed by the costume? Dress it slowly, one piece or accessory at a time and pay attention to signs of stress. The key, as almost always, is in body language. Some signs may include: back ears, tail stuck between the legs, muscle tension, excessive gasping, etc. You may also not be really stressed, but you may feel uncomfortable. In this case, you will try to remove the costume by shaking, scratching, or rubbing against an object. Don’t make him, don’t try to get used to using it. At the first sign, take off his costume.

Take a test

We recommend that at least one week before the event you start doing some tests of the costume and leave it for a few minutes to see its reaction. So you can know if it is your measure and with this you will start to get used to it. If you don’t already have it, you can put on something that looks similar to it.


Wearing all that clothes is an effort your dog makes for you, so a positive stimulus could help you relate your accessories to something nice; try giving him a prize snack when he uses it; Although you should remember that it is not for you to wear the suit for a long time, limit its use to a few hours.

Watch out for fame

If everything seems to be going great, you should not let your guard down, the attention your pet will receive will be a lot and you can take for sure that many people will want to caress it; pay attention to how you take these approaches to prevent them from over-bothering you, avoiding unexpected reactions.

Wearing the costume is not mandatory

Surely they are great companions and will live incredible moments, although you should keep in mind that, if the previous tips failed and you can’t get used to wearing some costumes, you shouldn’t force him to wear something he doesn’t feel comfortable with. There are accessories that are minimally invasive, such as a handkerchief or headband, you may be able to accept one of them.

Dress up pets

Dress up pets

How to help your dog adapt to his new costume?

As we’ve seen, your dog will need to take its own time to fit its new costume. Especially if you are not used to wearing this type of clothing.

The first thing we need to understand is that adaptation is a slow and gradual process. No animal adapts to a new reality overnight, because changes take time to assimilate.

While we should always respect the times and limits of our dogs, we can help them live the adaptation process more pleasantly. We must never force him to dress or remain in his disguise against his will.

To conclude with the theme, Dress up puppies. That’s a good idea? We can tell you that having our puppies in disguise is a very personal option, but under no circumstances should it be mandatory for the animal. That’s why, even if we think he’s very funny and we love it, it’s important that we think about how he feels. If your pet doesn’t want to put on the clothes or tries to take it off, we’d better leave it to his air. The fact that he is not disguised is no impediment so that we cannot enjoy the festivities in a big way with him. Dress up puppies




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